“Thick” bodies in the early modern period: the meaning of body images through the ages

In today’s society, a slim body is often considered the ideal of beauty. But this was not always the case in history. On the contrary, in the early modern era, “fat” people were the only ones bodies quite desirable and were considered a sign of prosperity and success. But how did this change in body perception come about?

This article is about the meaning of body images in early modern times. We will look at the question of what factors influenced the perception of the body and how this changed over time. In addition, we consider the impact of these developments on society and the role of body images in various fields such as art, fashion, and advertising.

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Sony plans to release more playstation games for pc

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that they will be porting more popular PlayStation games to the PC in the future to expand the audience and give the titles a wider reach.

This would not be the first time PlayStation games have been ported to the PC. Previously, “Horizon Zero Dawn” has been and “Death Stranding were successfully brought to the PC and enjoyed great popularity. With this announcement, Sony plans to continue the strategy and port more games.

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“There’s already a lot that fits together” – an analysis

Germany and Switzerland have a lot in common – a common language, a similar culture and a long history. The two countries are also closely linked economically. Many companies from Germany and Switzerland work closely together and benefit from each other.

Comparisons are also repeatedly drawn between the two countries. A well-known saying is “there’s a lot that goes together already”. But what does it mean exactly? Can we actually see a close connection between Germany and Switzerland?

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Redemption suspension insurance in the form of life insurance and bullet loan

A redemption suspension insurance can be concluded in the form of a life insurance and a bullet loan. This type of insurance offers many benefits and can help borrowers reduce their monthly installment payments.

Redemption suspension insurance in the form of life insurance and bullet loan

A life insurance policy is taken out which acts as a suspension of repayment insurance and secures the repayment of the loan in the event of the death of the insured person. Installment payments are reduced or even suspended during the term of the loan, as a certain amount from the life insurance policy is used to repay the loan.

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Optimizing workflows with maxwell at fgmc

Since the implementation of Maxwell at FGMC, the average time between submission and decision has been reduced by 87%. The implementation of Maxwell is a prime example of how technology can streamline work processes and increase efficiency.

FGMC is a leader in the industry and is always looking to improve its operations and provide the best service to its customers. By implementing Maxwell, the company has been able to simplify workflow and reduce dependencies on manual steps. This has allowed FGMC to save time while ensuring a higher quality decision making process.

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Low maintenance garden plants for the efficient gardener

Those who have a garden know how much work and time can be invested in caring for plants. But there are also low-maintenance garden plants that are ideal for the efficient gardener. With minimal effort, you can create a beautiful and healthy garden.
Such a selection of plants is particularly suitable for people who have little time or do not like to deal with the details of gardening. However, they are also perfect for those who just want to create a low-maintenance garden without sacrificing beauty and diversity.
So which garden plants are the best candidates for an uncomplicated but beautiful garden? Here’s what you can learn from this article. We present some options that will bring both enough color and life to your garden.

Efficient gardeners prefer low-maintenance garden plants

A garden is a place of relaxation and enjoyment for many people. But for some people, plant care can quickly become a chore that takes up a lot of time and energy. As a result, more and more gardeners today prefer low-maintenance garden plants that require less attention, but still promise beautiful and healthy growth.

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Everyday national socialism in the documentary film medium

In the history of Germany, the age of National Socialism is unforgettable and insurmountable. It is a time of oppression, violence and horror, in which millions of people lost their lives in brutal ways. During this period, the medium of documentary films came to the fore and contributed to a unique and authentic portrayal of everyday life under National Socialism.
Documentaries offer a unique opportunity to convey the truth and reality of National Socialism. They provide a deep insight into the daily lives of people who had to live under the rule of Hitler. The issue was how to generate the thoughts and actions of society that supported Nazi ideals during National Socialism.
The documentaries of the National Socialists were used specifically to spread their ideology. They were a part of the Ministry of Propaganda and were used as instruments of control and oppression. The films depicted a society shaped by National Socialist ideology, which emphasized German culture and race and rejected all other groups – especially Jews.
In this reappraisal of our country’s history, it is essential to understand the importance of the documentary medium during National Socialism and to analyze these history-making films. Our work requires not only recognizing the immeasurable offenses against humanity, but also using these films to combat the threat to freedom and democracy, a danger that is still present.

The importance of documentary film in the Nazi era

During the Third Reich, the documentary film was used as a medium to spread and strengthen the National Socialist ideology. It was used as a propaganda tool to influence the population and show everyday life under National Socialism in a positive light.

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10 Steps to find your way around international airports

With the increasing number of travelers and passengers around the world, airports are becoming increasingly crowded and confusing. In this regard, finding the right gate, check-in desk or exit can be a really difficult task. To ensure your next flight is stress-free, we’ve put together ten tips to help you navigate international airports.
Whether you’re a seasoned passenger or a first-time flyer, good preparation and a few simple steps can make the difference between a pleasant and stressful airport experience. In this article, you will learn how to make the most of your time, reduce stress, and prepare for any potential inconveniences to make your stay at the airport as pleasant as possible.
Read on to discover our 10 tips on how to navigate international airports that you should definitely keep in mind for your next flight. With these steps, you can travel from check-in to arrival at your destination without stress or confusion.

Tips for navigating international airports – Tip 1: Prepare your itinerary

Before you embark on your international trip, it is important to create a detailed itinerary. This should include all important information such as flight numbers, departure and arrival times, transfers and possible delays. Be sure to keep the travel plan up to date in case there are any changes.

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Budget: research council calls for significantly more funding for education and research

Germany has played a prominent role in global research and education in recent years. In order to maintain and further expand this leading position, the Research Council is now calling for significantly more funding.

In particular, this should enable new research projects and strengthen higher education in Germany. Among other things, more funds should be made available for the promotion of young scientists.

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10 Tempting tips to get a surety bond with a low interest rate!

Guaranty contracts can be a great option to get a loan, especially if you have a bad credit score, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a high interest rate. In this article, we will share with you the 10 enticing tips to get a surety bond with a low interest rate.

To start, we’ll explain what a guaranty agreement is and how it works. Then, together, we’ll work out some of the best ways to get a low interest rate on a guarantor loan. The tips we will present in this article are based on the experience of financial experts and can help you save money and get a better loan.

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