2 Cheap dividend stocks that are a buy now

Investors looking for cheap dividend stocks are in luck. There are currently several companies that offer stable dividend payouts while their shares are significantly undervalued. Here are two of those stocks that could be a buy right now:

1. Deutsche Telekom AG (DTE)

Deutsche Telekom AG is a telecommunications company operating in Germany and other European countries. Despite a weaker performance in 2020, the company has a dividend yield of more than 4% and a stable financial position. In addition, Deutsche Telekom is expected to benefit from the increasing penetration of the 5G network in the coming years.

2 Cheap dividend stocks that are a buy now


BASF SE is a huge chemical company based in Germany. Although 2020 has been challenging for companies in the industry, BASF has a dividend yield of over 5%. Plus, the company’s broad customer base and experienced leadership position it well to handle a demand recovery in 2021 and beyond.

Overall, for investors looking for cheap dividend stocks, both Deutsche Telekom and BASF shares offer dangerously low valuations and stable dividend payouts. So if you’re looking for a good buying window, it might be worth taking a closer look at these two companies.

2 Shares with favorable dividends that are a buy now

Stock 1: XYZ AG’s favorable price and stable dividend yield make it a good choice for investors looking for a reliable long-term investment. XYZ AG is an industrial company offering a wide range of products and services used by businesses and consumers alike.

The company has paid out a steady dividend yield of about 5% on its share price in recent years, making it an interesting choice for income investors. In addition, XYZ AG has a solid balance sheet and high liquidity, which provides investors with a high degree of security.

2 Cheap dividend stocks that are a buy now

Investors should note, however, that as with all stocks, long-term returns are not guaranteed and a comprehensive evaluation of XYZ Inc.’s financial condition should be conducted before making an investment decision.

Why share 1: XYZ AG is a buy

  • Stable dividend yield of around 5%
  • Wide range of products and services
  • Solid balance sheet and high liquidity

Why share 2: ABC GmbH is a buy

  • Stable dividend yield of around 4%
  • Market leader in the consumer goods industry
  • Continuous growth in recent years

Stock 2: ABC GmbH is another option for investors looking for dividend stocks. The company is a market leader in the consumer goods industry and has shown steady growth in recent years. ABC GmbH has a stable dividend yield of around 4% and a solid balance sheet. With its strong brands and position in the market, ABC GmbH is a good choice for investors looking for a long-term investment.

However, investors should note that there are risks when investing in shares and that a careful analysis of ABC GmbH’s financial situation is required before making an investment decision.

In summary

Stock 1: XYZ AG and Stock 2: ABC GmbH are both stocks that are interesting for investors due to their stable dividend yield and strong balance sheet. Both companies operate in stable industries and have strong market positions. However, as with all investments, investors should conduct a comprehensive analysis of a company’s financial situation before making an investment decision.

Invest in ABC GmbH – a favorable dividend stock that is now available for purchase

ABC GmbH is a German company operating in the renewable energy sector. The company produces and sells solar and wind energy systems, which are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy sources. ABC GmbH has been present on the market for years and has established itself as a reliable supplier of energy systems.

The company has a solid financial performance and pays a regular dividend to its shareholders. Currently, ABC GmbH’s dividend yield is about 5%, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The share is currently at a low level and therefore offers great potential for price increases in the future.

  • Solid financial performance
  • Regular distribution of dividends
  • Attractive price potential
  • Commitment to the renewable energy sector

ABC GmbH is a favorable dividend stock, which is an attractive investment due to its positive development. Invest in the future and benefit from the long-term sustainability of renewable energies.